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Actress Lisa Bonet has remained mum regarding Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations, but her daughter revealed it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an opinion on the shocking situation.

In an interview with The Guardian, Zoe Kravitz, the 26-year-old daughter of Bonet and ex-husband Lenny Kravitz, said the Cosby alum hasn’t opened up to her fully about the allegations, but she knows she’s not happy about it.

The Guardian reports:

“She hasn’t, she really hasn’t,” Kravitz says. “She’d plead the fifth, even to me. I think she’s just staying out of it. She’s just as disgusted and concerned as everyone else is, but I don’t think she has any insight. It’s news to her as well.”

Bonet and Cosby butted heads a few times during filming The Cosby Show because of her relationship with Kravitz and career choices. Bonet left the show and appeared on the spin-off, A Different World, for one season.

Meanwhile, the Dope actress told The Guardian if her mother knew anything about the over 50 women who have accused the comedian of drugging and molesting them, her statements would have been public knowledge.

“Of course,” Kravitz says. “She was on the show for a long time. She’s also a beautiful woman. It makes people wonder. She’s a very straightforward person. If there was something she felt the world needed to know that would help this case or help any women who had been abused, she would say something.”

In recent weeks, five more women have come forward with claims against the disgraced comedian. Cosby is scheduled to appear in court to address one of the sexual assault cases in October.



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