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More than ten years ago, New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina. Today, Louisiana faces a similar tragedy after historic floods recently crippled the region. The state estimates 60,000 homes were damaged by the storms and subsequent flooding, but Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honore believes the estimate is incorrect. 

During a recent interview with on NewsOne Now, the retired army general estimated more than 110,000 homes may have been adversely impacted by the floods.

As a result of the floods in Louisiana, schools have yet to open which leads us to wonder how will the education system in the region be able to bounce back after the historic wide-spread flooding.

If Louisiana is looking for a model to help reclaim the state’s school districts from the flood, officials may look at how New Orleans’ was able to rebuild its education system and how school choice can work.

Last year, Roland Martin traveled to New Orleans to find out how the once flood-ravaged city of New Orleans has made a remarkable comeback and how the perfect storm led to much-needed changes in the city’s public education system.

Watch portions of The Charter School Revolution: Ten Years After Katrina special in the video clips below:

The New Orleans Charter School Revolution: Ten Years After Katrina — A Parent’s Story

Corinne Celestine, a parent of two, shares just how far she is willing to go to ensure her children get the best education.

The New Orleans Charter School Revolution: Ten Years After Katrina — A Teacher’s Story

Martin talks with NOLA’s youngest charter school CEO, Jonathan Johnson, Founder of Rooted School, about his vision for educating the youth of New Orleans and the tragic story of one of his former students named Rickey Summers.

The New Orleans Charter School Revolution: Ten Years After Katrina — A Student’s Story

Martin talks with Troy Simon, a New Orleans charter school graduate and senior at Brad College, about his experiences in NOLA’s education system after Hurricane Katrina.

The New Orleans Charter School Revolution: Ten Years After Katrina — Mayor Mitch Landrieu

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu talks with Martin about his hopes for the city, and why New Orleans laid off over 7,000 teachers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Watch the entire New Orleans Charter School Revolution: Ten Years After Katrina town hall meeting at, and stay tuned to NewsOne Now for our continuing discussion on education in the African-American community.

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