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For the first time, Pope Francis will visit Africa to further his conquest in addressing poverty and worldwide inequality, The Huffington Post reports.

Pope Francis will visit Kenya, Uganda, and the Central African Republic during a six-day tour from Nov. 25-30th. The religious leader was invited by local bishops and heads of state from each respected country. The visit is also scheduled to happen a month after CAR’s central elections, a first since 2011.

In June, Pope Francis spoke about his impending trip and his admiration for African religious services.

Catholic News Agency reports:

As far as the Church in Africa goes, “the backbone are the catechists. I think that the formation of lay catechists is fundamental in Africa. They are the ones who carry the Church forward,” the Pope said.

Besides the catechists, there are two other institutions which stand out in caring for the people, which are the schools and the hospitals, Francis observed.

“The tenderness, the care. Many religious sisters, many laity spend years and years and years caring for the sick with great tragedies. How many laity go there to serve as doctors in the tragedies!” he said.

Due to the current unrest between the government and rebel forces, security will be heightened for the Pope’s trip. Al-Shabaab, a terrorist group also connected with al-Qaeda in Kenya, is reportedly threatening the country with more attacks. In July, 14 people were killed after the group launched explosions in the Soko Mbuzi village in Mandera County. Twenty attackers were reportedly seen ravaging women’s homes and shooting them dead.

Reports claim Pope Francis will also touch on the crucifixion of Catholics and Anglicans that occurred in Uganda’s history.

Huffington Post reports:

In Uganda, Francis will certainly refer to the Martyrs of Uganda, 45 Anglicans and Catholics killed during the persecution of Christians from 1885-87. Pope Paul VI canonized the 22 African Catholics in 1964.

The Vatican confirmed the trip on Thursday.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal | VIDEO CREDIT: NDN 


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