Radio is thriving across Africa. Exact figures are difficult to come by because audience research differs across countries.

Race Matters

The commercial showed recruiting in Africa.


The West African nation Niger is under military rule following a coup in which President Mohamed Bazoum was overthrown

Ready, Set Travel! Here are 10 African countries that do not require a visa for US citizens for trips ranging from 15-90 days...

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A group of Black American women shown twerking at Ghana’s historic slave trading post Cape Coast Castle has sparked a social media backlash, but is it deserved?

Each of the 54 countries in Africa has its own history and culture that is celebrated all over the world! Learn more about them here.


Days of violence in Sudan have resulted in the deaths of at least 180 people, with many more left wounded.

Vice President Kamala Harris gave an emotional speech at Cape Coast Castle, Ghana's historic slave trading post. Read the full speech here.


Vice President Kamala Harris made her triumphant arrival in Ghana on Sunday as she begins a weeklong stay in Africa in an effort to help deepen "enduring" ties to the United States.


When historians and pundits praise Jimmy Carter’s presidency, almost no one mentions what he achieved in Africa. This is a serious oversight.


So, how will Niger go from feeding 25 million people today to its projected population of 50 million people in 2050?


Beyoncé including African stops on her world tour would be a nod to both the African elements in her music and her large fanbase in Africa.