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A Sunrise, Florida man is facing first-degree murder charges for killing and sexually mutilating his girlfriend with so much force, he ripped her intestines out.

According to police, Fidel Lopez, 24, says he and his girlfriend Maria Nemeth, 31, were engaged in drunk rough sex early Sunday morning when she accidentally said her ex-husband’s name twice, the Sun Sentinel reports. Lopez told police that he flew into a drunken rage, shattering glass doors and punching holes in their apartment walls.

He returned to an unconscious Nemeth in the closet where they were having sex and proceeded to sexually assault her by pushing a beer bottle and a flat-iron into her body.

Lopez then confessed that he placed his arm up to his elbow inside of her and ripped out part of her intestines.

From The NY Daily News:

When police arrived at the home, they found him crying for help next to her naked body. Blood and bodily tissue covered the floor and walls. A bottle of tequila and sliced limes were seen in the kitchen. Lopez initially blamed her death on rough sex. During a court appearance Monday he told a judge, through an interpreter, that he’d been drunk.

Before he called 911, Nemeth told an interpreter he tried to revive the woman by dragging her naked body to the bathroom and splashing water on her face. He also took a cigarette break before he tried to cover up the blood and hide her bodily tissue. Neighbors claim they heard Lopez screaming for up to two hours before finding out what really happened. Lopez told interpreters he was upset over Nemeth bringing up her ex-husband’s name during an intimate moment. The couple met at the apartment complex, where Nemeth worked as a leasing agent. They lived together for a week before she was murdered.

Co-workers and neighbors were shocked, calling Nemeth a sweet and kind person.

“Very gentle, very private. Soft-spoken young lady. We all loved her. Very pleasant young lady,” said Dan Carter.

“Very sweet, loving girl. Been here for years. I’ve been in and out of the office for eight years,” said Debbie Katz.

Lopez is currently being held without bond.

SOURCE: NY Daily News, Sun Sentinel | VIDEO CREDIT: NDN 


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