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When Jacque Robinson returned to Pasadena — where she was born and raised — after leaving to attend college at Berkeley in California, she had no idea she would one day run to be Vice Mayor of her hometown.

But that’s just what the self-proclaimed “underdog” did. Now, Robinson is reminded every day that her public service as Vice Mayor of Pasadena is one that elevates and inspires Black women and girls nationwide. Especially because her 2007 win made her the youngest person ever elected to the city council.

For her, inspiration and motivation is the purpose.

“I’m very proud to represent the city that I feel like made me what I am today,” Robinson said. “I want young people in the city of Pas to know and believe that even if they’re born and raised in this city, even if they’re a public school student, that they can make it and they can represent just as strongly as anyone else.”

“Pasadena was chartered in 1886,” she continued, giving a brief history of her hometown. “And I’m one of only six women that have been elected to the city council since that time. Every week that I go into the City Council we have a wall in the back of the council chambers that’s full of all the past council members. And it’s very white and very male and very much older. And so that is my reminder every week, that I’m there for a purpose,” Robinson said.

Check out the video above to hear more of Robinson’s untold story.

VIDEO SOURCE: Wells Fargo/InteractiveOne