Wells Fargo is investing $6.6 million to support minority-owned businesses.

Philadelphia alleges that the bank made more than 1,000 predatory loans Black & Latino homebuyers in the city.

A Baltimore teacher, who is White, said that Wells Fargo rejected her bank card designed with the words "Black Lives Matter" and an image of a raised fist. She added that a customer service rep said the company didn't want to be associated with any "antisocial and offensive" organizations.

There are over 2 million Black-owned businesses in America. Many of these entities serve as the backbone of their neighborhoods by supplying jobs and services to the community. In a new initiative sponsored by Wells Fargo, compassionate small businesses are being celebrated for giving back to their communities. DigiDoc, a Washington, D.C. based company, is being highlighted […]

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Everyone knows a good southern meal can bring the best out of people. Same goes for cakes and baked goods, which is why this mother-daughter duo in Harlem are making sure their bakery is satisfying cravings and serving the community at the same time. “Community built our business,” Aliyyah Baylor, president and owner of Make My […]

Whether it was family legacy or the story of a bunch of eclectic kids from Hillman that influenced you to attend a Historically Black College or University, the experience like any college career is one to remember. On Tuesday, actor and E! News anchor Terrance J  discussed his HBCU experience and what it means to […]

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Navigating Hollywood as a Black man has been historically difficult, but actor, activist and Louisiana native Wendell Pierce has long held to advice handed down to him by his parents, both of whom understood the importance of perseverance and character. “Two moments come to mind when I think about the pride of being an African-American man,” he […]

Wells Fargo My Untold

When Jacque Robinson returned to Pasadena — where she was born and raised — after leaving to attend college at Berkeley in California, she had no idea she would one day run to be Vice Mayor of her hometown. But that’s just what the self-proclaimed “underdog” did. Now, Robinson is reminded every day that her […]

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Lisa Frison had a life-changing experience as a child that set her on a path to success for years to come: She loved watching her older brothers prepare for school, come home for lunch, return to school, and then return home again to do their homework. So, on her first day of kindergarten while growing […]

WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice will sue Wells Fargo bank for preying on African American borrowers and giving them high cost sub prime loans. The Huffington Post reports: In an April 5 report to Congress, Perez’s unit said that some of these investigations would lead to lawsuits or settlements this year. “We’re a majority […]