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The world stood with Ahmed Mohamed when the young teen was arrested after his homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb. He has since become a social media sensation, even receiving an invitation to the White House from President Obama. He was also given the most awesome gift one could ever dream of from Microsoft (a huge tech goodie bag), and he appeared on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

But back in 2013, a Florida teen also worked on a science project for school and was arrested for it, and she received none of the perks Mohamed did. In fact, she was – and still is – treated much worse.

Kiera Wilmot, who was a high school junior at the time, crafted a volcano project that was in full swing when the lid to her pot popped and smoke came out, according to the Miami New Times. There were no injuries or property damage, but Wilmot was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon on school property and discharging a destructive device.

“I remember I was in shock and just started crying,” Wilmot recalls. “I was called a terrorist, and people tell me that I’m on the no-fly list even to this day.”

Wilmot wished her story had received more attention because of the embarrassment and shame she went through after her ordeal. But it didn’t. Though the charges were dropped, Wilmot had to “complete 20 hours of community service, undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and finish her junior year at an alternative school,” the New Times reports.

She’s now enrolled in Florida Polytechnic University, but was nervous that her arrest would interfere with the college application process. She has hopes she’ll be invited to the White House by Obama one day as well, and offers this advice to Ahmed: “I’d tell him he has to keep moving forward and not let the haters get to him.”

SOURCE: Miami New Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter


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