Uses of Martin Luther King’s words, especially by right-wing conservatives, are too often attempts to weaponize his memory against the multicultural democracy of which King could only dream.

Cultural appropriation isn't new.

Thurgood Marshall’s confirmation was a giant step forward in Supreme Court and U.S. history, but along the way he faced Senate Judiciary Committee questions that were race-baiting, arrogant, irrelevant and picayune. Ketanji Brown Jackson’s historic hearings have unfolded in a similar way.

The Miami Dolphins held a press conference on Thursday for their new head coach Mike McDaniel and the media couldn’t wait to ask him a question about how he identifies with race.

One of the least mentioned aspects of the death of André Leon Talley has been the role that race played during his life. But he was very vocal about the intersection of racism and the fashion world, as these quotes show.

The late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died more than a year ago, but a new report contextualizing her already known criticisms of Colin Kaepernick's kneeling protest has revived commentary about her views on the topic of race.

Colin Kaepernick has inked a publishing deal with Scholastic.

As the conversation rages around critical race theory education, here are five book titles that can engage young people in conversations about race in America.

A champion of equity in education, Lindsay Love planned to attend a conference for school board members in urban districts. But conservatives tried to twist the purpose of the conference claiming it proved the district supported critical race theory.

Civil rights icon Coretta Scott King was born on April 27, 1927. Celebrate her birthday with these powerful quotes.

Black Twitter was ready to throw hands after Meghan Markle revealed that a member of the royal family inquired about the complexion of her and Prince Harry's prospective children.