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Lamar Odom‘s condition has given his family and loved ones a signal of hope.

The former NBA player made a greeting gesture after awaking from a coma Friday, Yahoo! News reports.

Jim Harrick, the athlete’s former coach, says he was told by estranged wife Khloe Kardashian Odom showed improvements when he verbally greeted her with “hey baby,” and gave everyone a thumbs up before going back to sleep.

This is first positive update in Odom’s condition after he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel on Tuesday. Odom allegedly overdosed on herbal supplements during the three-day, $75,000 stay at the ranch.

According to TMZ, the player’s exposure to oxygen might have been the qualifying factor to his progression.

Our sources tell us, when Lamar was admitted to the first hospital in Pahrump, Nevada after the 911 call, his respirations were 6-8 breaths a minute. Normal is 12-20. That led doctors to conclude he was never without oxygen. Doctors who are treating Lamar are hopeful he did not suffer significant brain damage because of lack of oxygen. This is all consistent with the person who called 911 and said Lamar was struggling but breathing.

Harrick tells reporters the Kardashian reality star is determined to stay close with Odom until he’s regained all his strength.

“Khloe has promised me she’s going to stay by his bedside until she and him can walk out of the hospital together,” Harrick said.

While many believe Khloe’s intentions are genuine, the status of their divorce has been a topic of discussion. According to TMZ, the divorce isn’t finalized. At the time of the separation, Khloe told the judges she didn’t want any of spousal support and that each party would walk away from the divorce with their own money.

Meanwhile, Lisa Morales, ex-girlfriend and mother of his two children took to Twitter to celebrate Odom’s early improvements.

Odom’s friends and former teammates Kobe Bryant and Metta World Peace previously posted their support for him on Instagram. Joe Smith also paid tribute to his friend with the emotional song, “If I Die Tonight” on Thursday. He tells TMZ Sports he wanted to inspire Odom’s supporters and give them hope the player would be okay.

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