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This past weekend, BuzzFeed Video’s  (BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Staff) released a two-minute presentation exploring whiteness and reverse racism. The hilarious video caught the eye of NewsOne Now host and Managing Editor Roland Martin, who exclaimed after seeing it, “We have to talk about that.”

So on Monday’s edition of TV One’s morning show NewsOne Now, that is exactly what they did.

After airing the comical and poignant 33 Questions White People Have For White People expose, NewsOne Now’s White-ish correspondent Tim Canalichio appeared on set to analyze some of the questions asked during the BuzzFeed video.

Questions included in BuzzFeed’s 33 Questions White People Have For White People:

  • What do you have against seasoning and spiciness?
  • Why can’t most White people dance?
  • Why do you believe that Black Lives Matter means that your life doesn’t matter?

Watch Roland Martin and NewsOne Now break down BuzzFeed’s 33 Questions White People Have For White People in the video clip above.

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