Last week the beating death of Derrion Albert made national news, highlighting Black on Black crime among school children.

This week another incident of Black on Black crime rocked the nation. The former fiancee of a singer and popular reality show star, Kandi Burruss, A.J. was killed in a fight outside of a strip club he owned.

Fights and altercations are common place in clubs, strip clubs and concerts. One can blame children for being young and immature but grown men have no excuses.

What happened to AJ. happens all the time. Most times it doesn’t result in death. Way too often, people settle their differences over stupid issues by fighting.

A fight can start in the club over someone stepping on your shoes, bumping into you, or looking at you the wrong way.

A lot of fights in the club over girlfriends or boyfriends. If you are in a relationship with someone and they’re sleeping with someone else, they are not worth fighting over.

As children, young people are graded by how well they fight. Often times it is a way to earn respect.  People believe their ego is determined by their ability to fight. Simple disagreements often turn violent, because people want to prove how “gangsta” and tough they are.

Too often, stupid fights over girls, money or pride lead to injury. Often times fights turn to gun violence or stabbings, when people seek revenge. A lot of other times one on one fights turn to group fights.

There is enough Black on Black crime due to drugs and gangs. Violence over stupid issues only compounds the problem.

Fighting in the club not only endangers the people involved in the fight, but hurts other club goers as well. Too many concerts and clubs have been shut down because a few people decide to fight.

Violence is a way for uncivilized people to solve problems. People who cannot communicate a way to solve their problems, use fighting to prove their point.

People should go to clubs to have fun. When alcohol is involved, differences between people happen. Most club fights are over stupid things that people regret in the morning.

These fights reflect badly on both Hip Hop and Black culture. The better man is not the man with the better right hook, but the man who can solve his problems without using violence.

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