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Sean Groubert, a white former South Carolina State Trooper who made headlines after shooting unarmed Black man Levar Jones in 2014, was arrested for shoplifting out of a Walmart in October. Groubert and his wife, Morgan, were both arrested on Oct. 18 and released on bond the same day.

A report from local NBC affiliate WIS News revealed details of Groubert’s latest legal struggles, this after Jones settled a lawsuit for $285,000 this past February. Groubert, who shot Jones in September 2014 during a routine traffic stop, was charged with assault and battery along with losing his job.

From WIS:

Court records show 32-year-old Sean Groubert was arrested for shoplifting from a Walmart in Columbia on Oct. 18, 2015. Records also show a woman, Morgan Groubert, was arrested for shoplifting on the same date. Both were released on bond after the incident.

They appeared in court Monday for a hearing for a judge to consider revoking Sean’s bond.

“Please keep me out of jail,” Groubert asked the judge, so he could continue to support his family by working as a truck driver. Groubert told the judge his wife is pregnant with their first child.

His defense attorney told the judge the merchandise Groubert is accused of stealing was food. According to prosecutors, the couple is accused of switching price tags on merchandise so that they purchased $135 worth of food for about $30.

Sean was already out on bond for an assault and battery charge stemming from the shooting at the Circle K on Broad River Road in August 2014. A trial date for that case has not yet been set. After the shoplifting charge the 5th Circuit Solicitor filed a motion to revoke Sean’s bond.

A motion to revoke Groubert’s bond was filed and subsequently denied. The bond was modified by the judge, however, which allows Groubert to travel to work and other court-approved destinations.



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