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Two high schoolers were arrested this week after dressing up as the Columbine High School shooters for Halloween and threatening to harm fellow students.

According to NBC Connecticut, the two sophomores attended a Halloween event at Litchfield High School in Western Conn. on Saturday. Dressed as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the gunmen of the Columbine Shooting Massacre of 1999, the teens allegedly made a threat of “bodily harm” to another student.

It’s unclear whether faculty asked the students themselves about their costumes, however, teachers informed police they were concerned for the safety of the entire student body. On Wednesday, the teens were arrested and charged with inciting injury to persons or property and breach of peace.

After an investigation, the police found the boys were not a credible threat to the school.

NBC Connecticut reports:

“The costume was essentially black trench coats, baseball caps, and sunglasses,” Litchfield Superintendent Lynn K. McMullin said. “This is the times we’re living in, and we would be inhuman if it didn’t put us on edge.”

“Throughout the past three days, the state police and the district have remained in close contact as their full investigation took place,” McMullin said. “At every stage of the investigation, we were reassured by the troopers that there was no evidence of any credible threat that would necessitate any change in our regular daily practices. Nevertheless, at every stage, we took the matter very seriously.”

The school is now seeking to expel the boys for the Halloween prank. Parents of Litchfield High students shared conflicting viewpoints about the pending decision. While some believe the costumes were in poor taste, others say the teens didn’t harm anyone at the party and expulsion isn’t a fitting punishment.

A lawyer for one of the students says both are remorseful and didn’t think of the consequences they would face.

SOURCE: NBC Connecticut | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform 


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