Many of them still remember the infamous "Nipplegate" incident.

Kathryn Smith of Midvale, Utah, was arrested after being caught in a viral video racially harassing her neighbor and her child.

Connecticut Karen couple Robert Shaw and Sherri Bourgeois-Williams of Middletown, Connecticut, were arrested after a video showed them harassing Puerto Rican landscaper Jose Martin.

North Dakota man Gerald Knorr, who was seen wearing a "White Lives Matter More" shirt, was arrested on terrorism charges for harassing a Black family with his dog.

The arrest of a white supremacist is the latest evidence of Nazi activity in Florida.

An arrest has been made after social media influencer Beauty Couch, known as Beauty Katera on Instagram, was found dead near her burned-out car in the Atlanta area.

Alleged Jan. 6 insurrectionist Taylor Taranto was arrested near the home of former President Barack Obama after Trump posted the address.

Donald Trump was arrested for the second time in as many months and pleaded not guilty to federal charges centered on classified documents he allegedly stole and concealed from the U.S. government.

Trump was finally arrested and formally charged on more than two dozen felony counts.

Jonathan Majors was arrested in New York City on charges he strangled, assaulted and harassed his girlfriend.

Conservative Twitter exploded in an unholy baptism of white nationalist tears over the imminent criminal indictment of former President Donald Trump.