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A board member in Pierce, Colorado was arrested and charged with murder earlier this week when he admitted to killing a 34-year-old woman. The man, along with four accomplices, were also charged in the stabbing. [People]

Doctors discovered that a bobby pin was chillin’ inside of a Saudi Arabian boy’s kidney for about 3 months. After ongoing X-rays and doses of antibiotics, doctors safely removed the object and the boy has made a full recovery. [Complex]

A South African man is facing charges for mutilating numerous women’s vaginas, labeling the parts, and storing them in freezers. Authorities discovered a plastic bag with 21 clitorises in his freezer. [Complex]

A woman from Phoenix, Arizona took her child’s life before taking her own early Saturday morning. Authorities discovered the mother and her 5-year-old child inside a hospital bedroom dead around 2 a.m. Police are continuing to investigate the scene. [Time]


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