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Welcome to the new and improved, a place where we are dedicated to presenting stories that authentically reflect Black and Brown communities both nationally and globally. Only now, we’re doing it on a FASTER, SLEEKER, UPDATED site we hope you’ll enjoy.

The pulse of Black America is NewsOne. We cover the stories that inspire and reflect our readers while championing equality, empowerment and social justice. While covering the latest, breaking news, diving into the political world, broaching challenging subjects or offering moving and powerful commentary on both hard news and entertainment, NewsOne strives to present these colorful stories in an honest and engaging way.

That’s where our new site comes in.

If we’re committed to presenting dynamic stories, shouldn’t our site reflect that? That’s why our team has created a new space for you to consume, share and engage with other readers in a way that enhances your day-to-day — not make it harder.

So, what’s new? Check out some of our features below:

Optimizing Mobile

We’ve designed our new site with a mobile-first mentality. We know our readers are connected through numerous mobile devices and we want to be where you live. Easy navigation? Check. Better performance? Check. Ability to share content straight from your phone? Check! Whatever you need in the palm of your hand, we got it covered.

All-New Video Hub

Video your thing? Check out the all-new video hub designed to house all of our exclusive content as well as other high-resolution news videos.

Featured Quotes

Not sure you want to read an entire story? No worries, we’ve thought of that too. Our new Featured Quotes will give you peek inside trending news stories by pulling out the best and most informative quotes. Bonus: Share straight to Twitter and you’ll never have to wrangle with 140 characters again.

New Looks For Our Franchises

PolitickerOne. NewsOne Now. Good News. Black Lives Matter. The stories we talk about the most will still be the same, but each NewsOne franchise will get its own special makeover.

Author Pages

Connect with our reporters and editors straight from the site with our new and improved author section.

Sharing Options

Never search for the share button again. We’ve made sure that no matter where you are on our site, you’re able to Tweet, Facebook, email and more without hassle and fuss.

Our Beliefs

It is our duty to serve as a platform for writers, journalists and activists to responsibly convey the stories, the challenges and the wins of multicultural America. We highlight newsmakers and achievers; as well as cover politics, race, social justice, legal issues, culture, entertainment, business, and media.

We’re not afraid to make waves. With our audience, we discuss and debate politics, justice, race, gender and pop culture. Activism is in our DNA – we unapologetically champion equity and inclusion. But we also understand that our audience wants to have fun – while we can provide an analysis of the latest presidential debate, we can just as easily discuss the latest episode of Empire.

We hope you’ll enjoy this next chapter with us.

Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram and tell us what you think of the new site, what you want to see more of, and just generally, what’s on your mind.

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