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From The Maroon Tiger:

In early October of this year, Morehouse College Administration will enact its new “Appropriate Attire Policy”. Based on Dr. Franklin’s conceptualization on the Renaissance Man, specifically his expectation of the “well-dressed” man of Morehouse, the policy will set a campus-wide standard for student’s attire.

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The policy outlines 11 expectations pertaining to what students should not wear while on campus. Instead of requiring certain articles of clothing, as a typical dress code would, the policy details those articles of clothing deemed unacceptable for students. Some of the expectations discussed in the policy include to prohibit wearing “sagging” pants, women’s clothing, and headwear. The policy will be distributed to students electronically through Tigernet and the school website. The policy will also be outlined in the student handbook and discussed in Crown Forums for students.

While some students disagree with the policy, other students agree with purpose behind the policy.

“I would say that about 95% percent of the students on this campus feel that appearance matters to them,” Dr. William Bynum, Vice-President of the Office of Student Services, said. “We are not trying to isolate anyone that falls under a category, you can just look at it like it’s one out of eleven things being addressed.”

Dr. Bynum explained that students began voicing concerns to administration about attire on campus this semester. In turn administration partnered with the SGA to work with the student body on an attire policy. Some students feel that the anticipated policy lacks proper planning and investigation.

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Safe Space, a gay/straight alliance student campus organization has been vocal about the issue.

Co-president Michael Edwards said, “Creating this policy was easy and quick. But the energy and effort put into something determines the greater result.”

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