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Donald Trump‘s latest ethnic condemnation has hit the Muslim community hard, launching a number of anti-Islam attacks and vitriolic speech from many Americans who don’t seem to understand that the religion is one of love.

The Republican candidate’s views come in the midst of incidents surrounding those of radicalized and distorted Islamic faith, who owned the attacks in Paris and mass shooting in San Bernardino two weeks ago. During his Oval Office address on Sunday, President Barack Obama warned Americans not to generalize Muslim-Americans, even mentioning many of the nation’s sports heroes are members of the religion.

Trump quickly took to Twitter to bash the president for his comments.

In addition to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, and Bernard Hopkins, there are many famous Muslims who have cultivated the worlds of music, comedy, and more. From Dave Chappelle to T-Pain, the earth is home to millions of Muslims who aren’t connected to the radicalized ways of terrorist groups like the Islamic State.

Still, Trump continues to implicate an entire group of worshippers for harrowing crimes. But the truth is, one of the largest religions in the world is practiced by some of our most famous figures.

Take a look at some celebrities you didn’t know practiced Islam. And remember…Muslim is not synonymous with terrorism.

Bet You Didn’t Know These Celebrities Were Muslim
Dr. Mehmet Oz, November 16, 2015
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SOURCE: The Guardian | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform


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