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One-time Republican presidential front-runner Ben Carson on Wednesday brushed back reports that he is planning a major shakeup of his campaign staff, but he did not deny the possibility that changes could come soon, CNN reports.

The retired neurosurgeon, who was polling ahead of Donald Trump at one time, appears to be leading a troubled campaign, reported The Washington Post and The Associated Press on Wednesday. But Carson told CNN’s Don Lemon that the stories were overhyped.

From CNN:

Carson claimed, later calling out one of the reporters by name. “And they were convinced that I was gonna fire everybody and we were going to just go in a completely different direction, and that’s absolutely not true.”

Earlier Wednesday, however, Carson told CNN in a statement released by his campaign that he was “refining some operational practices and streamlining some staff assignments to more aptly match the tasks ahead.”

In spite of his denials, Carson “did not materially object to Lemon that reassignments or at least pay cuts could come,” the report says.

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