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It’s officially Christmas day and we’re celebrating making it through 2020, which has been a year to remember to say the least. While some of us won’t be able to be near our loved ones, we can all agree that Christmas with Black families is its own unique experience, which is the #ChristmasWithBlackFamilies sketch is still so damn funny years after it debuted.

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From your over-the-top auntie to the family gossip to the AfroCentic Grinch, this sketch directed by comedian Aaron Lamarr Burleson for Issa Rae’s “The Peak,” perfectly and hilariously captures what Christmas for many of us looked like. Watch below:

Since the video, #ChristmasWithBlackFamilies has been a popular hashtag that blows up every holiday season. #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies is also another hashtag, but shout out to Burleson for making the hashtag truly blow up 3 years ago.

Burleson is still doing big things. He is a part of “Out Of Bounds,” which is a sports commentary show. Also, according to his LinkedIn page, he is a content producer for the Sundance Institute.

Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa, which starts tomorrow.


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