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GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson shook up the top-level of his presidential campaign staff, resulting in five members resigning over the weekend. The resignations include Carson’s campaign manager, deputy campaign manager, and communications director.

According to Carson’s former campaign manger Barry Bennett, the reason why there has been so much dysfunction in the Carson campaign is a result of his business manager, Armstrong Williams, “getting in the way.”

Williams joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the Carson campaign shake-up and the allegations that he is the cause of the problems.

“There is some merit” to what Bennett alleges, Williams said. “Campaigns go through reorganizations, they go through changes.”

“There’re some people who think they should have the power and the authority — they know better than the candidate — and while they do an outstanding job in some areas, after what happened in Paris and San Bernardino, California, Dr. Carson started falling in the polls and couldn’t seem to get his traction back.”

“There were certain things that he (Ben Carson) wanted to happen in terms of issues and policy papers that were never issued,” said Williams. “There were certain communications that he wanted that never happened and Dr. Carson agonized over the fact that there needed to be change, and sometimes the change can start with middle management and sometimes it’s at the top.”

“And in advising him, I supported the fact that he needed a shake-up and I gave him a path to make it happen.”

Watch Martin and Williams discuss the changes within the Carson campaign in the video clip above.

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