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On Thursday, Sandra Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, appeared on NewsOne Now for an exclusive interview to discuss the perjury charge filed against Officer Brian Encinia and the Texas Department of Public Safety’s decision to fire the Texas State Trooper.

When asked what she thought about the recent developments involving Encinia, Reed-Veal said, “Where are the real charges?”

“Where are the charges for assault and battery? Where are the charges for the amount of force that was used here … You want me to get excited about a perjury charge when he’s not the only one, I’m sure, that lied here,” Reed-Veal said.

She continued, “If you’re going to indict the gentleman on the perjury charge for what you’re saying he perjured himself — let’s go back and take another few moments and look at that tape and see what other items he should have been indicted for.”

When asked about Encinia’s firing, Reed-Veal told Martin, “The gentleman has been on administrative leave with pay — my daughter is not on administrative leave, she is gone.”

“There should not be the ability to have another family suffer this kind of injustice at this man’s hands,” Reed-Veal said. “I totally believe he should be fired and should not be able to work anywhere else where someone else’s life is put in jeopardy based on his actions.”

Later during their discussion, Reed-Veal told Martin, “My daughter is gone and we have to get justice for her, and this is definitely not it.”

Watch Martin, Reed-Veal, Bland family attorney Cannon Lambert, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the perjury charge filed against Encinia in the video clip above.

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