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George Zimmerman isn’t on Twitter any longer, but he’s still finding ways to lash out against President Barack Obama

The former neighborhood watchman, whose 2012 trial for the killing of Trayvon Martin ended without a conviction, gave his opinion on the Commander-in-Chief during a run-in with a reporter from TMZ on Tuesday. Obama’s speech on gun control was delivered the day before, during which he tearfully spoke about the high amount of mass shootings in recent years, as well as the ongoing gun violence in Chicago.

When asked about Obama’s vulnerable moment, Zimmerman called him a “piece of garbage” and claimed the president was faking his tears in an effort to create a dictatorship.

The Hill reports:

“He made an announcement — I think when I saw it all I can think is crocodile tears,” Zimmerman, who shot and killed a black teenager in 2012, told TMZ“The man is a disgrace to the country, he’s a disgrace to the armed forces,” Zimmerman said late Tuesday while leaving a shooting range near Orlando.

“He stood there and pretended to cry and mentioned mass shootings and conveniently left out Fort Hood,” he said, referencing a 2009 incident at the Texas military base that killed 13 people and wounded more than 30 more.

“What a piece of garbage. I watched enough to get sick over watching it.


That’s Obama – he’s trying to abuse the executive privilege and turn America into a dictatorship again, you know?”

While Obama didn’t name Fort Hood in his speech, mass shootings were one of the driving points in his appeal for more gun control.

The president addressed new policies on firearms sold online and at gun shows. His executive action also includes efforts to expand background checks and research for gun safety technology.

The president spoke in a town hall discussion moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday night. Obama admitted that he has never owned a gun, but has never tried to dismantle the Second Amendment for those that do.

We’re sure Zimmerman thinks otherwise. What do you think of his comments about the president?

SOURCE: The Hill | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform 


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