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In 2014 the world was introduced to Leah Still, the daughter of NFL player Devon Still.

Devon, who recently signed with the Houston Texans to play the defensive tackle position, informed us all that his daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 — she was only four years old. For months, we watched and supported the Still family during their trips to the hospital and witnessed Leah’s roller coaster health.

After all of the treatments and doctor visits, as Devon recalled in an Instagram photo, “41 days of chemotherapy, 40 days of antibody therapy, 19 days of radiation and one seven-hour surgery,” Leah was officially declared cancer free by her doctors in March and finished her last treatment Monday night.

Emotional, and rightfully so, Devon celebrated quite possibly the biggest and most-fulfilling win on Instagram with a beautifully-worded passage.


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