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After backlash against police-involved shootings, Chicago officers are making dramatically fewer investigative stops and confiscating fewer guns as murders and shootings have increased so far this year, DNAinfo Chicago reports.

So far in 2016, the number of so-called investigative stops have decreased by about 80 percent compared to the same time period last year, the report says.

From DNAinfo:

There has been a 37-percent decline in gun arrests and a 35-percent decrease in gun confiscations compared to last year, according to police data. 

Meanwhile, there have been 72 more shootings (a 218 percent increase) and 10 more murders (a 125 percent spike) than the same time period in 2015, according to police data.


Now that the Police Department is the focus of an U.S. Justice Department investigation in the wake of the Laquan McDonald shooting, sources tell Chicago that fear of getting caught up in a bad situation while making proactive investigative stops has contributed to less aggressive policing.

Law enforcement experts told DNAinfo that police are likely doing the bare minimum “in reaction to the current working environment — a department under the federal microscope, and a new requirement to fill out a two-page report complete with their name and badge number for every person they stop and frisk,” the report says.

SOURCE: DNAinfo Chicago | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform


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