The Senate left families and democracy in limbo but managed to reward one of the country’s worst mayors of the modern era.

In an unfortunate coincidence, Rahm Emanuel's confirmation hearing to be the next U.S. ambassador to Japan is scheduled on the seventh anniversary of Chicago police killing teenager Laquan McDonald, a shooting for which the ex-mayor remains accused of helping to cover up.

Between old friends and Black lives, old friends will win every time.


Framing attempts to dislodge Rahm Emanuel from positions of power as simply “progressive complaints” ignores his actual controversial history in office and advisory positions alike.

The Rev. Al Sharpton called Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel a hypocrite for criticizing Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx's handling of the Jussie Smollett case.


Chicago-bred Black tech entrepreneur Neal Sales-Griffin announced his mayoral bid on Saturday.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was accused of a discriminatory gentrification plan that is pushing Blacks out of the city to make it "whiter" and "wealthier."


Chance the Rapper spoke out Wednesday against Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed plan to spend $95 million for a police academy in Chicago.


“They were somewhat betwixt, between two different aspirations,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday.

Footage uploaded to Twitter shows the students chanting “16 shots and a cover up!” and “Hey hey, ho ho, Rahm Emanuel’s got to go!”

Trump threatens to send the Feds to Chicago to end the 'carnage' from violence. City officials welcomed the assistance.