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A lawyer for one of five Black youths charged in a vicious Brooklyn gang rape denounced the allegations on Wednesday, saying the teen victim and her father failed to identify any of the suspects in the crime, reports The New York Daily News.

Spencer Leeds, who represents Onandi Brown, 17, said the fact that “the father and daughter failed to identify any of the first four suspects from a police lineup spoke volumes,” writes the news outlet. Other suspects include: Denzel Murray, 14, and Shaquell Cooper and Ethan Phillip, both 15. A fifth suspect, a 17-year-old, was detained by police in school on Tuesday.

The 18-year-old victim and her father have remained silent about the alleged brutal attack that occurred last week inside the Osborn Playground in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The girl’s father says the youth “approached him and his daughter, with one driving the father off at gunpoint before the quintet took turns raping her,” the report says.

Via The News:

“We couldn’t anticipate that they would go 0-for-8,” said Leeds [of the girl’s inability to identify the alleged attackers in a police lineup]. “When they struck out, that was pretty stunning. We’ll see what happens.”

The last of the five suspects was due in court for his arraignment in a case that evokes the 1989 prosecution of “The Central Park Five” — a quintet of black teens wrongly convicted in a Central Park rape.

Meanwhile, investigators were examining “three cellphones recovered from some teenage boys accused of raping a young woman in a playground after defense lawyers said at least one of the boys shot video of the woman smiling and laughing during the encounter,” reports ABC News.

From ABC News:

A police spokesman, Deputy Chief Edward Mullen, said police had obtained search warrants for the cellphones seized following the boys’ arrests. He said the phones were being examined, but he had no information about their content.

Investigators have said two of the boys have claimed that when they entered the Brooklyn park on the night of Jan. 7 they found the woman having some type of sexual contact with an older man, later identified as her father.

Police said the father was driven off by the boys, then returned and was ordered out of the park a second time by a boy who pulled a gun. The father later flagged down a police car for help. The woman told police that before officers arrived she was raped by the boys.

Defense lawyers also seized on the fact that a handgun has not been recovered in the alleged attack.

SOURCE: The New York Daily News, ABC News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 


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