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Updated: March 4, 2016 2 PM ET

TMZ Sports has obtained audio of the 911 call a gym staffer made about Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor, 27, who was scouting the site to make a potential purchase.

A woman at the Redmond Athletic Club in Washington told the operator that five people, three Black and 2 White, came into the gym unannounced, the report says.

The woman said she explained that the gym was closed, but the group refused to go — “They’re trying to get in and we’ve told them multiple times they need to leave.”

At one point, the woman says, “I don’t know if they’re homeless kids … I know there used to be a lot of heroin addicts around here.”

Eventually, cops came to the scene and spoke with Chancellor — who explained his side of the story. No arrests were made and cops say Kam was a “super nice guy.”


player with the NFL‘s Seattle Seahawks claims that two women called the police on him as he attempted to inquire about an empty gym. Safety Kam Chancellor was looking into the window of the vacant facility when cops were called to the scene, Deadspin reports.

The situation unfolded in Redmond, Wash. Wednesday evening when Chancellor and a group of friends visited the gym and peered through a window in an attempt to get the attention of two female employees inside. Chancellor, who conducts fitness boot camps for women in the region, was hoping to obtain information on who owned the building.

According to police statements, Chancellor and his associates pounded on the door and used cameras to look inside, alarming the workers. The pair called police, but the interaction with Chancellor and his associates ended peacefully enough based on the accounts left by Redmond Police.

Chancellor took to Twitter last evening to discuss the events and while he didn’t blast the police for doing their job, he reserved some criticism for the employees.

As reported by the Seattle Times, the owner of the Redmond Athletic Club, Ryan Neal, sided with his employees and said they took “appropriate” action by calling the police.

Neal’s statement as it appeared in the Seattle Times:

We regret this unfortunate incident but completely support the actions of our employees. Our team responded in a manner as instructed by me under the guidance of the Redmond Police Department. We always err on the side of caution when an individual or individuals try to gain entry to the club unannounced. We have recently had attempted break-ins and still have members’ property in the club that we need to protect until returned.

Chancellor has appeared to move on, but a fan asked via Twitter if he’d open a gym facility 26 miles north of Redmond in the city of Everett.

“[I]t all depends on how well the tour goes in Everett,” he replied.

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