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The Chicago Teachers Union announced Wednesday that it will launch a one-day strike on April Fool’s Day, and is asking the entire city to join them in their efforts. The union says the impetus for the strike is a call for justice although there are several competing aims, DNAinfo Chicago reports.

News of the strike was announced on the union’s website, which is being billed as a general strike with the group asking “concerned Chicago citizens” to join their efforts. The call went out to “families, teachers, workers, and all those who thirst for justice,” according to the announcement flyer.

More information could be found via the union’s Facebook page:

More than 100,000 workers in the state of Illinois are out of a contract and are bargaining directly with our adversaries—Governor Bruce Rauner, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, bankers and billionaires like Ken Griffin, who are calling for school closings, university closings, budget cuts, lower wages for workers and restrictions on collective bargaining.

Racial injustice fuels the prison industrial complex by sending poor Black and brown men and women to prison each day. Chronic disinvestment has caused poverty in the state to grow considerably. Law enforcement agencies are under federal scrutiny for the murder of unarmed people and the mentally ill. Child-care workers and low-income parents are under attack. Yet multimillion-dollar arenas, museums and millionaire condos are being built all around us.

Tax cuts for those with higher incomes, a flat-tax system, and corporate loopholes galore have put Illinois in this fiscal distress. In Chicago, the mayor refuses to renegotiate bad deals with the banks profiting off of our “broke on purpose” schools. Enough is enough!

The union posted a RSVP link for those who wish to join the effort.

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