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For decades, barbershops have long been known as the gathering place for Black men to catch up on the latest sports news, gossip, and yes, talk about the ladies.

So rich are the characters that emerge from barbershops, that films like Barbershop: The Next Cut (release date April 15) capitalized on scenes that feature mainstays who can be spotted in most shops across the nation.

Here are 7 things that are bound to happen when you go to a Black barbershop

1. You’ll try to avoid the newbie in the first chair

For starters, you do not want this man anywhere near your scalp unless you’re getting your head shaved. The first chair is always reserved for beginners.

2. You’ll certainly meet an entrepreneur

You know this dude. He strolls into the shop with suitcases to peddle his wares, including socks, incense, and DVDs. The entrepreneur could also be a barber who is always looking for good real estate investments.

3. There’s always a sports broadcaster

He would have been better than Stuart Scott–at least that’s what he claims. Anyway, he remembers NBA and NFL sports statistics, especially when it comes to the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena.

4. And you’ll hear music from the “Would-Be Rapper”

This barber knows all things hip-hop. He might even spit rhymes while giving you a trim.

5. Prepare to receive unsolicited advice from the Mayor Of The Barbershop

He could run for office with all of his knowledge about local and national politics. He is open to all conspiracy theories.

6. And the female barber will cut hair the best

She commands respect and has a huge clientele because she can handle her clippers. She is also good at helping to calm wary young clients.

7. There’s always a patriarch

He’s an old-timer who remembers when Michael Jordan was the man, not a young gun like Steph Curry. And he’s happy to tell you about it.


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