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The barbershop initiative ‘Shape Up the Vote’ was created to empower individuals to exercise their right to vote.

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A Tennessee-based barber gives discounts to children who read books while getting their hair cut.

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The Black-owned app SQUIRE—which connects barbers and customers—raised $8 million.

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The You Next project celebrates the impact and influence of Black barbershops.

NewsOne asked eight frequent customers of the shop to share some of the most important lessons they've learned or heard while in the chair. Check out their nostalgic stories below.

Social scenes depicted in Barbershop: The Next Cut are pretty close to those that play out in Black communities across the nation.

Live Well, Nation, NewsOne Original

Harlem celebrity barber Denny Moe is not only helping men to look their best with fresh haircuts, but also encouraging them to live their lives as healthy as possible. From July 11th to July 13th,  he hosted Cutting for A Cure, a 48-Hour health fair and Haircutting Marathon focused on providing resources and free screenings of deadly […]


Barbershops are central to the narrative of Black manhood in the United States. It is where jokes are cracked, friends are made, issues debated, and, soon, where blood pressure will be tested. According to the Daily Breeze, Dr. Ronald G. Victor, the head of Cedars-Sinai’s hypertension center, will use a $8.5 million grant to help train […]

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The barber shop is a pillar in the African-American community, and author Quincy Mills chronicles its importance in his new book, “Cutting Along the Color Line.”  The book covers the history of black barbershops, and the way the space has changed due to technology. Today on “NewsOne Now,” Mills also noted that most black barbershops […]