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Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton shared their views on how to grow jobs in African-American, minority, and impoverished communities during the CNN / TV One Democratic presidential Town Hall on Sunday.

Sanders told the audience, “We’ve got to target our economic development into those communities who are most hard pressed.” He later added, “We’re going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just a few, and we are going to invest in low-income communities all over America.” 

Clinton explained, “We’ve got to open up the trades (trade industry), but we also got to encourage more people to think about those as an occupation profession.”

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Blast Trump

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders slammed Donald Trump for inciting violence at his campaign rallies during the CNN / TV One Democratic presidential Town Hall.

Clinton told town hall moderators Roland Martin and CNN’s Jake Tapper, “Donald Trump is responsible for what happens at his events. He’s been not just inciting violence, but applauding it.”

Sanders went so far as to say Trump is “a pathological liar” and added, “Donald Trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters, he is saying if you go out and beat somebody up, that’s OK.” Read more.

Sister Of Sam DuBose Asks Bernie Sanders About Police Accountability

Samuel DuBose’s sister Terina Allen asked Bernie Sanders what he would do to ensure that law enforcement officers are held accountable for their actions in instances of police violence/misconduct.

Sanders explained that “like any other public official, when a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be held accountable.”

During Monday’s special edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed Sanders’ views on holding police officers accountable during instances where someone is murdered in their custody and when violent acts are unjustly committed against civilians.

Hillary Clinton Discusses Her Plan To Address Crime & Poverty

During the CNN / TV One Ohio Democratic Town Hall, Hillary Clinton discussed which programs she would institute to curb violence and address poverty amongst poor White and Black communities.

Clinton said, “We need to close these loopholes — the so-call gun-show loopholes, the online loophole called the Charleston loophole.” She added gun makers and sellers “should be held accountable for the use of their products” in instances of the “random gun violence” plaguing America’s inner cities.

Roland Martin, host of TV One’s NewsOne Now, pressed Clinton to address how she would convince impoverished White Americans to support her campaign and economic policies.

Clinton said, “Instead of dividing people the way Donald Trump does, let’s reunite around policies that will bring jobs and opportunity to all these underserved poor communities.”

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“Donald Trump Is A Pathological Liar,” Bernie Sanders Says Of Allegations His Supporters Incite Violence