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An assistant football coach from the Frisco, Texas school district has been accused of racially profiling Black and Hispanic players, even reportedly telling Black students he would hang them from a tree by their toes for misbehaving.

As detailed by The Dallas Morning News, the incidents occurred as far back as April 2015 between Frisco Centennial assistant football coach Todd Campbell and several members of the high school’s football team. Campbell claimed Black students ran fast because they drank “Kool-Aid and ate fried chicken.” He also called Hispanic students “esè,” which is slang for friend or homeboy. Documents on the investigation were made public on Tuesday (March 15).

Complaints were communicated to head coach Ronny Mullins and Principal Randy Spain, but went ignored. One of the biggest accusations Campbell faced was a statement he made about hanging Black teens from trees.

Via The Dallas Morning Dallas:

In one instance, he was trying to quiet a group of students. “You need to be quiet. You see that rope over there, you see that tree back there, I’m going to hang you in that tree. I’m going to hang you by your toes,” Campbell said, according to one student who shared it with district officials. 

The coach also had four students pose and then pulled up a picture of the R&B group New Edition and compared them. “He says stuff around black players just when we are by ourselves,” a student wrote.

Campbell has denied the accusations. He retired in January after being on administrative leave since November 2015. Mullins also exited the high school to take an athletic coordinator position at another school. He told reporters Campbell apologized to a student about one unnamed incident and the apology was accepted.

District spokeswoman Shana Wortham said the investigation was completed and that no one was disciplined as a result. However, the district has not released the final official findings, says the News.

In the meantime, parents and students are calling for diversity training at the school and an increase in more teachers of color. A reported 4 percent of Frisco teachers are African-American, compared to 10 percent of students.

SOURCE: The Dallas Morning News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 


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