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A Chicago teenager who accidentally shot his friend is facing felony charges, even though the family and the victim have forgiven him for the incident.

The shooting occurred Tuesday afternoon when Jasmine Snipe, 14, invited two of her friends over after school. Her brother Tidrick Gilmore says one of the boys, a 17-year-old, mistakenly shot Snipe in the neck as they were looking at a gun, ABC Eyewitness News reports.

Snipe was taken to the hospital, where she is listed in stable condition. Her grandmother says the boy ran away after the accident, but community activist and crisis counselor Andrew Holmes convinced him to go to the police, where he was charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm.

Via Eyewitness News:

“Just one of those things,” Holmes said. “A gun inside the house when it really shouldn’t have been there, plus a person that had a weapon in their hand that shouldn’t have. I let him know your life is not over. You can go through this process and put things behind you and get on with your future just as well as the young lady that’s in the hospital. I hope she has a speedy recovery because she has a bright future ahead of her too.”

The family believes it was an accident, says the site:

“My sister indicated it was an accident. He didn’t intentionally try to do it. He was showing off the gun. He shouldn’t have had the gun in the house in the first place,” Gilmore said. “He was real scared about it. He was here for her when it happened, but he was just really scared. I think that’s why he ran. Because it took place and he should have never had the gun.”

The family has yet to indicate who the gun belongs to. The suspect appeared in juvenile court Thursday (Mar. 24).

SOURCE: ABC Eyewitness News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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