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Watching kids meet our favorite celebrities is almost as good as meeting them ourselves.

Yesterday, a video of a young boy running onto the court as Carmelo Anthony played against the New Orleans Pelicans went viral. Before the kid was taken back to his seat, he stole a hug from the NY Knicks star and even got a pat on the head. It was super adorable.

But he isn’t the first youngster to get all starstruck when an A-lister’s in the house – and thankfully, he won’t be the last. To help you get over this hump Wednesday, we gathered 10 videos of the cutest fans going nuts over President Obama, Justin Bieber, Kobe Bryant, Beyonce, and more.

Nothing’s cuter.

First Lady Michelle Obama surprises fifth graders at Watkins Elementary School.

Kameria meets President Obama after crying about his White House departure.

Jimmy Kimmel surprises Cody, who cries because she loves Justin Bieber so much.

Singing duo Sophia Grace and Rosie meet Rihanna backstage at The Ellen Show. 

Kid President meets Beyonce and he’s so excited he “could die.”

Jared Jones details everything in his Lakers merchandise collection, then freaks out when he meets Kobe.

LeBron James takes an unexpected selfie moment during a timeout. 

We’ll never forget the moment a 12-year-old kid did this on stage with Jay Z.

Peyton Manning throws passes at kids during Training Camp & they’re totally amazed.


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