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CHICAGO (CBS) ―Chicago rapper Twista is trying to help finance youth programs in his hometown to offset

Chicago rapper Twista is aiming a message of peace at Chicago students in an effort to change the lives of troubled teens.

Twista recently took a trip to Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood to meet two of the teens involved in the fight that killed CPS student Derrion Albert in September. Carl Lowery and Eugene Bailey told the rapper about their efforts to put their lives back together after the incident.

For Lowery, it meant getting expelled from school last week.

“It’s unfair,” he said. “They’re trying to make it seem like we weren’t the victims when we really was.”

For Bailey, it meant jail time. We talked to him just 24 hours after he was released and the murder charge against him was dropped. He said during the weeks in jail, he sat awake worrying about his slain friend.

“It wasn’t really no sleep,” Baily said. “Two or three hours of sleep and wake right back up. I was thinking no, this couldn’t have happened.”

The teens seemed happy to meet Twista, who was raised on the West Side and grew up with similar obstacles.

“I came up the same way you did,” he said. “Public aid, drug problems in the family, you know, out there dealing with people selling drugs.”

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