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From The New York Daily News

A blackface Halloween costume has left one Long Island teen with a lot of egg on his face.

Commack High School senior Dean Jeziorkowski was ordered to leave school Friday after he turned up dressed as the black Aunt Jemima character.

Jeziorkowski, 17, refused to back down over the brouhaha, and his family refused to comment yesterday.

Fellow student Danny Cuevas, 16, who was out trick-or-treating in Jeziorkowski’s neighborhood, defended the teen.

“I don’t think it’s that racist,” he said. “At one point in time, that might have been seen as racist but not now.”

Jeziorskowski told pals he has dressed as a woman for Halloween every year since the third grade. The teen donned a bandanna and wig as part of his Aunt Jemima getup. He darted in and out of classrooms toting a syrup bottle, asking, “You want some pancakes?”

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