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South Carolina police arrested a barber after he allegedly pulled a gun on a man and told him he “does not cut Black hair,” according to NBC Charlotte.

Larry Thomas, 65, was charged with pointing and presenting firearms at Arthur Hill of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The incident occurred after Hill reportedly visited the shop for the first time before work. He needed a shave because he’s not allowed to have facial hair at work, and had run out of time before leaving for the day, writes the news outlet:

“He said, ‘I don’t do black hair,'” Hill recalled. “I asked him does he shave, can he shave me, and he said, ‘I don’t do black hair.'”

Hill says he had never been to the barbershop in the 2100 block of Celanese Road before. However, he says he was pressed for time and needed a shave before work.


“I said, ‘Are you referring to African American hair?’ He said, ‘Yeah,’ and at the time I noticed he already had his hand gripped on a .38 snub nose chrome revolver.”

Hill left the premises immediately, which was a good move.

SOURCE: NBC Charlotte | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 


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