The One Story: HBCUs And The Gatekeeping Of Black Culture
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The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is currently looking into 800 active American hate groups.

The SPLC has partnered with Investigation Discovery to share cases from their files in a 3-part series called “Hate In America.” All three episodes are hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Tony Harris.

Part two of the series takes a hard look at the rising occurrence of individuals who commit acts of terrorism separate from any organization – what are referred to as “lone wolf” attacks.

Harris joined Roland Martin on Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now to discuss the upcoming episode of the groundbreaking series.

Speaking about the show and race relations in America, Harris said, “I think for a lot of us we feel that this next generation of young people won’t be carrying the same burdens of race” that older generations carry.

Martin responded to Harris’ comment, highlighting a 2015 study released by the Public Religion Research Institute that revealed 43 percent of Whites think racism against people of their race “is equally as bad as it is for Blacks.”

NewsOne Now panelist and three-term Texas GOP State Chairman Steve Munisteri replied, “White citizens don’t know what that experience is like” and recounted instances of racism he witnessed first-hand while working as a boxing promoter. “White people don’t understand it, but when you’ve had a chance to see it up close, it really opens your eyes.”

Avis Jones-DeWeever said Whites simply don’t believe the discrimination people of color are experiencing is racist in nature. Many Caucasians “believe that Black people are operating under some sort of mass delusion, or we’re just lying, or we’re just trying to get ahead by leaning on racism,” she said.

Munisteri responded to DeWeever’s remark: “I think people like to think things have improved and they have improved, but they mistake improvement for having the problem being solved.”

Watch Roland Martin, Investigation Discovery’s Tony Harris, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the next installment of “Hate In America” in the video clip above.

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