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The body of a 30-year-old missing Air Force vet was discovered Thursday after the woman’s ex-husband led authorities to her remains in a marshy area west of Hobe Sound, Florida, according to the New York Daily News.

Steven Williams, a 30-year-old Air Force airman, received a 35-year prison sentence in exchange for pleading no contest to second degree murder and leading authorities to the remains of Tricia Todd, who went missing in late April.

Williams cannot withdraw the plea and could face harsher penalties if investigators determine he lied. Authorities also claim that Williams’ story changed several times over the course of their investigation.

He confessed to authorities on Tuesday that Todd died from a head injury after he shoved her. The couple was allegedly arguing about money. Williams claimed he used Todd’s car to dispose of her lifeless body along a dirt road in the Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental area, according to CBS 12. The couple’s two-year-old daughter was left alone in Todd’s house, according to police.

Authorities say the remains have not yet been identified, but believe Williams led them to the right location.

“It is clearly freshly dug. There is every indication, based on what he told us, that the body should be there,” Martin County sheriff William Snyder said at a news conference. “He has everything to lose by bringing us to the wrong place.”

 The couple divorced on February 2 after an eleven year marriage.

The Palm Beach Post writes that in the police report, Williams’ mother, Chanie Smith, told detectives her son said he “hated” his ex-wife. Williams also reportedly told his mother that “Tricia can — poof — disappear.”

SOURCES: New York Daily News, CBS 12, Palm Beach Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform


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