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Syndicated television judge Glenda Hatchett is representing Philando Castile’s family in all civil legal matters as it relates to his murder.

Hatchett is soon expected to file a civil lawsuit in connection to the police involved shooting death of 21-year-old Castile.

In an exclusive interview, Judge Hatchett spoke with Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, about the Castile police murder case and her plans to seek justice for the Castile family.

Judge Hatchett addressed the audio recordings that captured the traffic stop that led to Castile’s death. At one point, the officer is heard describing Castile as resembling a suspect “just ’cause of the wide-set nose.”

Hatchett said, “A description about a broad nose would be as ludicrous to stop every White woman who had blond hair.”

Later, the long-time TV judge cleared up the misconceptions many had about Castile’s concealed handgun permit and said, “I have actually seen the permit.”

“He had a permit to carry a weapon, that was a lawful weapon that he had and according to his girlfriend, that was fully disclosed at the stop.” Hatchett continued, “He was reaching in compliance with getting documentation when he was shot.”

As the police and media outlets attempt to paint their own narrative of Philando Castile’s life, Judge Hatchett reminded viewers Castile “was a man that was doing everything right.”

“He had a job. He loved his family. He was beloved. The outpouring and love and support for this man in this community has been amazing, and he had a permit,” said Hatchett.

“This was not a man who was fleeing the scene. He was not combative with the police. He was complying this time. Those are the things that we know emphatically were happening.”

Judge Hatchett later said, “His seatbelt was still on and yet he is dead.”

Watch Roland Martin, Judge Glenda Hatchett, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the ongoing investigation into the fatal shooting of Philando Castile in the video clip above.

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