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Aformer Los Angeles Police Department detective was awarded $50,000 as part of a settlement with the city.

Frank Lyga alleges he lost his job after being “wrongfully perceived to be racist.” This from the same man who shot and killed fellow LAPD Officer and Black man Kevin Gaines in 1997.

Lyga was found to be acting in self-defense during a road rage confrontation and claimed he didn’t know Gaines was a cop.

During a training seminar 16 years later, Lyga was recorded making racist comments about shooting Kevin Gaines.

On Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Jasmyne Cannick, the journalist who initially broke the story on Lyga’s derogatory remarks about the shooting death of Gaines, spoke about the $50,000 reverse discrimination settlement.

Cannick described the Lyga payout as a form of hush money. She told NewsOne Now guest host Avis Jones-DeWeever that the City of Los Angeles decided to give the disgraced LAPD detective $50,000 “to make this go away.”

Will Jawando said the Gaines shooting death further highlights the “life of being a Black police officer.”

“When you take off the uniform, you’re seen as a Black man and it can be deadly. No one is immune to the racism that’s endemic in this country and some police officers across the country.”

“The fact that this guy got rewarded for killing a fellow officer is just horrible,” said Jawando.

Jones-DeWeever addressed the systemic racism within America’s police departments, citing a 2006 FBI report that detailed the influx of White supremacists into law enforcement agencies.

“What better job to have if you want to be able to kill Black people and get away with it than to be a policeman?” Jones-DeWeever said.

According to the author of How Exceptional Black Women Lead, the Lyga case “is an example of someone who should never have had the authority to be able to use deadly force.”

Watch guest host Avis Jones-DeWeever and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the $50,000 settlement with disgraced LAPD Detective Frank Lyga in the video clip above.

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L.A. Settles Discrimination Suit For $50,000 With White Detective

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