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Last week, church members of Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries in Charlotte, North Carolina decided to endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States.

Apostle Thomas Rodgers and his daughter, Katrina Rodgers – the executive secretary of Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries – spoke with Roland Martin on Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now about their decision to support the GOP presidential nominee.

Despite never meeting the self-proclaimed billionaire, Apostle Rodgers and his congregation are throwing their collective support behind Trump.

Rodgers told Martin, “We have the largest penal system in the world, we have the largest homeless population in the world, we have more gang-bangers in Chicago and California.

“So what my aims and objections is, is to seek dual citizenship from the United Nations.”  

Martin began to question Rodgers about the plans Trump has for criminal justice reform because up until this point, the GOP’s presidential nominee has yet to speak on the subject.

Before the end of their conversation, Martin pressured Apostle Rodgers to explain his dual citizenship idea, which he said would allow “four thousand miles of highway” to be built between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, “creating jobs for young people.”

This “great plan” would also allow African-Americans to return to Africa.

Eugene Craig III, Vice Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, said of Apostle Rodgers and his congregation’s endorsement of Trump, “First and foremost, these guys broke rule number one in endorsing somebody. You first meet with the person. You size them up and make sure they’re worth your endorsement.

“Secondly, they don’t have a plan and Trump don’t have a plan.”

Craig continued, “I’m a young Black Republican, I’m a Vice Chair of a state party. I have not endorsed Donald Trump for a reason, particularly, he has no plan on criminal justice reform.

“I cannot get behind a presidential candidate that does not have a plan.” 

Craig’s third point as to why Rodgers and his congregation’s support of Trump is fundamentally wrong revolves around the Republican presidential nominee being “vehemently anti-immigrant.”

“I’m 99.999 percent sure he (Donald Trump) is not going to support dual citizenship with somewhere else.”

NewsOne Now panelist Douglass Sloan, Co-Founder of the National Capital Strategy Group, said, “I didn’t understand where they were coming from. What kept popping into my mind was, ‘These people sound like Sarah Palin.'”

Watch Roland Martin, Apostle Thomas Rodgers, Katrina Rodgers, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries endorsing Donald Trump for president.


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