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It’s not uncommon for teenagers to flock to the mall at the end of a school day. But something went awry on Tuesday, when thousands of high school students descended on the Atlantic Center Mall in Brooklyn and a stabbing and shootings followed.

In this case, the police pinned the commotion on — of all things — a 40-cent chicken wing promotion at a restaurant in Fort Greene.

The event, at Buffalo Wild Wings inside the mall at 139 Flatbush Avenue, was promoted to students at high schools throughout Brooklyn.

“Don’t be alarmed if the tightwad of the bunch picks up the tab,” the restaurant said in one advertisement for the special.

Nevertheless, many people were in fact alarmed — by the thousands of teenagers who showed up at the mall on the eve of Veterans Day, a school holiday, and by the violence that followed.

According to the police, gunfire broke out in two locations just after 8 p.m., following altercations that began at the restaurant and spread outside. One shooting occurred on Fulton Street — and left two teenagers wounded — and the other near the intersection of Flatbush and Fulton. A stabbing just outside the mall has also been linked to the chicken wing special. In that case, a teenager was left with injuries that were not life-threatening.

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