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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is taking major heat yet again: This time, for using the death of a young African-American mother in Chicago to try and score a political point.

Dwyane Wade‘s cousin, 32-year-old Nykea Aldridge was caught in the crossfire of a shooting Friday as she walked with her infant in a stroller on the city’s South Side. 

Trump, who has recently taken interest in the African-American community and the Black vote to win over White moderates, kicked off a firestorm when posted the following message on Twitter:

Roland Martin and a number of his guests addressed the GOP presidential nominee’s tone-deaf tweet on Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now.

Dr. Jason Johnson, professor of political science and political editor for The Root, blasted Trump for his “tacky” comments and overall approach to courting African-American voters. Johnson said Trump’s “gross condescending way in which he thinks he can speak to Black people” are a prime example of why minorities and others believe “The Donald” is unfit to be president.

Johnson added, Trump “lacks the temperament, the common sense, or even the decency, discipline, and integrity to be president of the United States.”

Martin called Trump’s remarks on social media “grossly insensitive” and cited the real estate mogul for not only failing to express his condolences to the Aldridge family, but also trying to use the tragedy for his political gain.

While mentioning incidents of violence in the Black community, Trump has not mentioned his actual plan to deal with these issues. Martin said, “A president of the United States does not have a direct involvement on these types of incidences unless you offer what Bill Clinton did with the Crime Bill when he was president, saying we’re going to put 100,000 more cops on the street.”

Later during their discussion, Martin challenged NewsOne Now panelist Paris Dennard about the existence of Trump’s plan to address issues important to the African-American community. Martin said, “Donald Trump has not released a plan on criminal justice, he has not released a plan on voter suppression, he’s not released a plan on HBCUs — what he has done is he’s made statements.”

Dennard asked Martin if he would endorse Trump’s plan once it was released. The NewsOne Now host responded, ” Paris, I have been waiting for months — I’ve talked to forty Black Republicans in Cleveland and I said, ‘Where is the plan …'”

Unfortunately, they could not explain what or where Trump’s plan was to address issues important to African-Americans. Martin then said, “I thought it was a Wendy’s commercial, like ‘Where’s the beef.'”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss Donald Trump’s failed attempt to use the death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin for his political gain in the video clip above.


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