The Republican National Committee (RNC) fired national spokesman and director of Black media Paris Dennard and won't explain why.


Paris Dennard has been appointed the GOP's new Senior Communications Advisor of Black Media Affairs.

Donald Trump, Candace Owens, Paris Dennard, Diamond and Silk and other MAGA Black folks visited the White House for a sunken African American History Month celebration.

Stacey Dash, Ben Carson and more Black Trump supporters who defend his racism.

The commentator is still made he no longer works at CNN.

One of the most embarrassing Republicans on the planet continues to debase himself.

Not all skinfolk are kinfolk, especially Paris Dennard.

He appears to have landed a gig at the BBC.

Black History Month

While the evening certainly didn't produce any resolutions for the plight of Black people in America, it did produce some of the most ridiculous images of those who appear to very securely fixed in their sunken places.

The former CNN commentator is whining "fake news."

The former CNN commentator was outed for sexually harassing women.


The sunken place community sticks together.