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Clarence Henderson, one of the North Carolina A&T students who defied segregation laws by sitting down at a Whites-only Greensboro Woolworth’s lunch counter in 1960, has thrown his support behind Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Henderson joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to explain why he is backing Trump, who has newfound interest in Black voters and conditions in the African-American community, and why the often times boisterous self-proclaimed billionaire should be the choice for African-Americans.

Henderson said, “We only have two choices, that is Donald Trump or either Hillary Clinton and my choice is Donald Trump based on his background.”

He continued: “America is driven economically by the business segment and we need someone in that office that understands how business works.

“It has nothing to do with whether I like Donald Trump or whether I like Hillary Clinton – it has to do with what is best for America as I see it.”

After listening to Henderson’s reasoning, Martin immediately reminded the former activist that Trump was accused of housing discrimination during the 1970s and said, “The Department of Justice went after him and his family and their company twice.

African-Americans lost 53 percent of Black wealth in the last seven years due to the home foreclosure crisis…That was a great moment to make money off of people’s demise.” 

After pulling out a number of the receipts on Trump’s financial dealings with Black America, Martin asked Henderson, “How do you respond to that?” and added, “When you talk about creating wealth, you do so through homeownership and I’ve yet to see a homeownership plan from Donald Trump.”

Henderson’s answer: “That situation came about with things such as the great society with Lyndon Baines Johnson. You have to do a comparative analysis, it’s not what a person says, it’s what a person does and Donald Trump has been judged guilty before serving within the confines of the political arena.

“He [has] never been a politician … he is an imperfect being just like anybody else.” 

Watch civil rights activist Clarence Henderson explain why he has decided to support Donald Trump for president and Martin’s relentless search for the details of Trump’s policy plans in the video clip above.


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