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Solange just took us to church with this one.

The singer, fashion maven and tastemaker has never been one to hold her tongue on hot button issues such as race, feminism and social justice. The wife and mom took to Twitter under her handle,@solangeknowles, used a traumatic encounter at an EDM concert to address the myth of the angry Black woman.

She and her family were among the 20 black people out of the 1500 in attendance at a Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans. Solange says a group of 4 White women demanded that she sit down as she danced with her son. When she refused, the women antagonized her family and threw a lime at her.

We are at an ELECTRONIC and dance music concert and you are telling me…not asking me…to sit down. In front of my child,” Solange says of the situation. “I’m just going to share my experience so that maybe someone will understand why many of us don’t feel safe in many white spaces. We don’t ‘bring’ the drama. Fix yourselves.”

“Peeps try to give you POC a ‘U can only speak out racism 3 strikes…or U r the problem’ card. Some can kind of trust you the first 3 times,” she continued. “But surely after that, YOU are the problem.

Solange is certainly no stranger to putting her wokeness on display. Bey’s little sister has proudly used her platform to speak out against police brutality and encouraged her followers to switch over to Black owned banks.



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