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Philadelphia was hit by a string of deadly violence Tuesday, and the tragedy struck hometown rapper Meek Mill close to home. Five people reportedly died as a result of multiple stabbings and shootings that occurred throughout the city, including Mill’s cousin Angelo Colon, 21, Philly.com reports.

Colon was shot in the head during a drive-by. Mill took to Instagram to honor his cousin, posting #RIPLO, before venting his frustration about violence that continues to plague Philadelphia and other cities. Meek said in the post, “My mission is to save my family from these streets and change the mind frame of all my lil cousins growing up in it!!!”

In July, Mill announced plans to stop creating violent music after the release of his upcoming album, Dreamchasers 3. See his comments below:

Once I found out I wasn't born to fail and just fall victim to a fake ass life that don't offer shit but a jail,death i carry myself with extreme confidence and I know my value… even tho that's where we came from and all most of us has ever experienced in life! Wake up! Don't question my raps because it's a life we lived and suffered from, I have a right to express my myself! BY THE WAY ….AFTER DC4 I won't continue to rap about extreme violence!!! But I will remain to let my people know in these terrible environments to adapt and survive at any cost because "US BLACK PEOPLE ARE STILL AT WAR WITH OURSELVES AND THE SYSTEM IN REAL LIFE! #grammarcheck I don't talk the "AMERICAN ENGLISH" because I don't believe in it…I never cared about writing or speaking that way! I dont dress that way …. I'm doing me better yet doing #us

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SOURCE: Philly.com | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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